How much longer

are you going to look at me

until I reach

the destination you bless on

with the Shabbat candles


A goal that you set for me

whose present and future use

that will be

absolutely uninhabitable

for me when you clap your hands together as a sign of


I told you not to bat

an eyelid towards girls of my age.

The difference revealed to you


about me being differentiated from them is

the burden of my life,

you’re not mentally prepared for it, and certainly

not to place me with them in the same


A healthy and normal relationship between a mother and her daughter

is an important factor in the daughter’s normal psychological development

you should know

that the common error among women is that having children means being a mother –

I would rather you understand what I mean on this issue

because that is not my intention.

You gave birth to me semi-premature

your breast milk was not secreted as a source of nutrition

that is sometimes the only dietary source

in the toddler’s first year –

I tried to appoint the cause to the indication

of the Caesarian operation that you gave birth to me

like a heroine

you were so beautiful when you held me in the picture,

but this information was prevented from me.

It is beyond me daughters who satisfy

their mothers’ will

I understand the source of their desire but not

the nature of the ability

to subordinate the good of the individual for the sake of the “common good” contradicts my theory, Mother! Which

emphasizes the individual’s sovereignty over his life –

even if we assume this “rule”, I cannot


I wish you had an alternative daughter and me the same


We have yet to find an alternative like this.