Eh …
People are oppressed mainly leavings
Hidden, open leavings …
Black and white leavings …
Give it up, that is futile!
Today, the petals of all chamomiles are gray.
The name of all the hopes is “O”
Betrayal is the name of all loves!
Let God protect grey leavings…
I only named you the love, a pitty I realized that
the human decieves himself in the most perfect way.
Who knows us better than ourselves?
I thought, YOU!
For me, you understand me better than me, you loved me more …
It was possible…
Chamomile is smarter than you?
Loves?! Or no?
Eh … It’s always so,
A handful of skeptical thoughts rain …
A handful of uselessness embraces my brain,
Everything is anaesthetized …
In fact, everything is lie,
Maybe the grey is also lie…
Hey Chamomile ! I saw the most delicate petals on you?
And winds?
Your leaves?
Your petals?
What is the name of this endless contradictions?
Today the petals of all chamomiles are grey.
No matter for chamomile, it loves?
They don`t love!
I swear they don’t love!
I wonder why chamomile is called chamomile?